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Binh Minh Production Joint Stock Company is a big manufacturer and supplier of core veneer and plywood in Vietnam that has been in the business for the past five years with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.

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Binh minh production


All of our Binh Minh panels are stamped with our quality commitment. Each panel is rigorously hand inspected and meet or exceed the requirements defined by the standards programs.

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Marine Plywood


Our commitment to quality starts from purchase of raw material to the delivery of finished products. Material purchasing: Round hard logs including red eucalyptus and acasia are purchased from local plantation forests

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Binh minh production - Environmental Sustainability


The sustainability of Vietman's forests has always been a significant concern for our company.  We've planned to intergrate a number of the worlds forest sustainability programs into our product line ...

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Looking to do business with a capable plywood mill?  Look no further.  We're happy to answer your pricing requests from orders as small as a few containers to as large as filled breakbulk vessels.

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Want to join our efficient and dynamic team? There are always opportunities elsewhere for all of you. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

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